How to Overcome Drugs and Alcohol Cravings?

Making the decision to stop taking drugs is admirable. It is also difficult but most definitely can be done. One of the hardest parts of the battle to stay off drugs is overcoming the cravings you get for them. So how do you keep from falling back into a pattern of addiction when your cravings are getting to you?

The main reason someone relapses and gives in to the cravings is in order to stop them. You think to yourself that just one drink, just a little bit of cocaine will not hurt this one time. You just need to get this craving over with. This is when you go to a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. The people there have been in your position many times. No one understands what you are going through like the other people in your support group.

Keep going to therapy. Sessions with counseling professionals can make the difference between whether you relapse or not as well. Rehab is where you learned the tools to stay clean, continued therapy and support groups will help you to keep that recovery successful.

What if it is after office hours or there is no support group meeting scheduled at the time your cravings are hitting you hard? Then phone a friend or loved one. You may already have a sponsor but if not or he or she isn't available, then call your friend. Tell him how you are feeling. Go out and do something with your friend or just get together and talk.

Make sure that you are eating properly. Your body has been through a war. It needs to stay nourished with the proper diet and nutrition. Keep your appetite up, keeping yourself stocked properly diet wise is like keeping your armor polished for war.

Along with good nutrition comes proper exercise. Put your motivation and interest concentrated on exercise as well as relaxation courses such as yoga and meditation. Keeping your mind and body on the straight and narrow will help you to ward off those cravings when they try to overtake you.

Have a battle plan. You know there are going to be days when you have cravings, you know there are going to be temptations and weak moments. You have been in a war for your life so keep it up with a strong battle plan in place. The next time you get hit with a craving for drugs or alcohol, you will have your battle plan in place, and you will once again be able to avoid a relapse. Go warrior!


Created on Saturday, 13 February 2010 15:56
Last Updated on Sunday, 03 March 2013 20:01